Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How To Get Nice Even Layers in a Cake

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about my new favorite tool, when it comes to cake baking!  I received an email a few days ago, from a friend who wanted to know if the layers in my rainbow cake were cut or just baked as really thin layers.  Well, the answer to that is BOTH!

I baked six layers, in six separate cake pans, but I also used a fun tool.  The wire on the cutting tool is adjustable and it makes perfectly even layers.  For years, I've always used a knife and trimmed the cake layers, but this is a brilliant invention!  I'm sure I'm the last person on Earth who has discovered this, but I think it's pretty cool.  After the cake is cool, you just saw off the top of the cake layer.

I don't think the kids at the party could really appreciate the perfectly even layers, but I'm sure it made the cake taste better.

Happy baking!
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  1. That's an awesome tool that I need to get!!! I've often wondered how to get the layers perfect. On tv, they always use a knife and eyeball it. Well, my eyeballs must not be straight because they never turn out even. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. What a useful tool, and a gorgeous cake :-)
    Thanks for your helpful comment on my blog. I've checked the blog layout on an iPad and PC & the writing is all on screen, I'll see if changing margins helps. Thanks again. Angela.

  3. Hi, great cake, would you be able to give me a recipe for it please?



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