Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scones For Breakfast

I don't really know how these can qualify as a breakfast item. I guess, if muffins and coffee cake count for breakfast, then so do scones. I've never made scones from scratch. This is one of the few baked items which always come from a box at my house. The Fair Scones are my favorite.  I'm loving food photography these days!  It's so much fun to set up a little scene.  It almost looks like I always eat off of my grandma's china, use butter from a butter dish (instead of the tub of margarine I usually use), and spoon my jam into a little dish before serving.
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  1. The scones and the picture look great! If it's bread and it involves fruit, I think it totally qualifies as a breakfast food! I just made scones from scratch for the first time last week. Delish!

  2. Your pictures are amazing. What a great idea to take a photography class! One of these days I am going to explore that. You have made the scones look every so tasty!

  3. I really need to take a photography class! I'm going to get a book for my camera to learn more about of those Dummy Guide books. Then I think I need to explore a class.
    Your pictures look really great! I am enjoying your blog a lot.
    I selected you to receive a blog award. Here's the link to my post...

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