Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Done

Ten years ago, today, I was sitting in my child birth class. I was pregnant with my first baby. At the beginning of class, the instructor went around the room and asked each of us how we were feeling. When it was my turn, my response was that I was feeling "done". There was a little laughter in the room because I was four weeks away from my due date.

As we were driving home from child birth class, I remember telling my husband that I didn't know what it felt like to be at the very end of pregnancy.  I had never had a baby before.  But, I told him that I just felt like the pregnancy was at the end.  Done.  I made him stop at the drug store on the way home and I bought some of those disposable pads they use on hospital beds.  I had a fear of my water breaking in bed and then having to replace the mattress.  I went home and put the disposable pad on my bed, went to bed that night, and my water broke.  Just like I said,  "I'm done."  My baby boy came four weeks early, which was a good thing because he was over 7 pounds. 

Happy Birthday to my big 10 year old!
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  1. Great story!
    Both of my kids came early too. My 10 year old was 6 weeks early and my 7 year old was 5 weeks early.

  2. Stacy (as in cousin Stacy)February 3, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    Oh man, my first was almost 4 weeks LATE (and nearly 10 pounds!!) He turns 25 tomorrow! Enjoy your kids' childhood times! Although, truth be told, they're still pretty awesome even when they're adults!

  3. Wow, he was that early and that big. Good thing he came early.

  4. And I remember going to birthing class the next weekend and hearing that someone in the class had already had their baby. So jealous! Especially since, as it turned out, I was still two months away from my "done".

  5. That's funny because when my water 'broke,' I had no idea! Yay for your baby being 10!!

  6. What a cute story ... and a precious little boy :-)

  7. Wow! Neat Story....I always went past "done" to "over done"! It would always be the longest two weeks of my life....Now as they are growing up, it seems as though time iw flying by! My "baby" is now 10...
    Happy Birthday to yours!

  8. Wow! Talk about mom's intuition!! Happy Birthday to your son. :-)

  9. Wonderful happy to have some blog reading time while we have been snowed in...which is rare in our state....

    Happy Saturday

  10. Never doubt that "Mom's Intuition" for a second. Happy Birthday to your son. That was my b-day, too, only 52 years earlier! Wow, that just made me feel a bit sick. Can I take it back? :( :( Oh, well, better than the alternative as they say. :) ;) :)



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