Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Easy As Pie

After taking my first photography class, I feel like all I want to do is cook and bake. I just want to create beautiful food and then take pictures of it. Here's the problem. There is this little thing called "work" getting in my way AND it's report card time.

I made this pie on Sunday evening, with intentions of practicing my food staging. Then, I got sleepy and a little lazy. When I finally got around to taking pictures of my pie, I didn't really feel like setting up a little vignette. So, the picture is just pie. No fancy angles. Nothing in the background. Just pie. It's dark, by the time I get home from work. To make up for the lack of light, I broke out my lights and box. I love this little photography toy! It was a Christmas present from my mother-in-law and it has been so much fun! It makes taking photos as easy as pie.

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  1. You may not have gotten the "perfect" pie shot, but still had pie to eat :)

  2. Great pie & picture..Good job. I am so interested in getting one of those light boxes & lights. Would you be so kind as to ask your mother-in-law where I might be able to get one? Please?? Thank you also for always hosting such a nice party each week. It's greatly appreciated..Barb

  3. I was wondering the same thing -- where to get the box and light set (and by the way -- yay MIL ... what a fabulous gift! It would mean so much to receive a gift -- even if it's in $$ form -- to buy something like this that I truly wanted! How thoughtful, sweet, ... ) Do you use this set up for all your food shots? Or are some done in natural light or with larger studio lights? So curious.

  4. Ooooooooh, that looks so cool! I would love to take some photography classes, since I know little about photography other than my pictures really aren't all that good! I saw you shared above where the got this. I like it!



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